With us , you will discover different natural treatments that will help to restore and optimize your body functions combining relaxation and massage techniques that will benefit long term and thus achieve the overall balance of body and mind that you yearn to find.


The delicious chocolate on your skin … The Ciocolatto therapy, an innovative and effective therapy in countering fatigue and stimulate the mind. A natural euphoric for the body.

With this therapy we look for you a touch of youth and beauty, a relaxing massage with the main ingredients: the hot chocolate and oils with cocoa that function as skin softeners and also help to raise your mood.

Sweeten your health giving a moment of total relaxation that you can be able to share with that special someone or if you want can be just you ..this is your choice!


Relieving tensions… a massage that will benefit your muscles, treating pain and reducing the risk of injury while increasing your mental welfare.

We live everyday at incredible speed and we do not realize that we don’t care about our body’s position, especially when we are in front of a computer for several hours. This massage can be the perfect ingredient to reduce stress and fatigue and it focuses especially on these two areas, on your back and shoulders

We look with this therapeutic massage not only work your tensions but also improve your body’s defenses and prevent aging.


A ritual that involves the application of volcanic stones using a towel and oils, applying them in certain energy points of the body, these stones are emitting a strong heat giving a delicious sense of relaxation.

With this ritual we will help you connect with your five senses to achieve a state of balance and harmony.

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