Through postoperative  treatment you will have the opportunity to recover from surgical procedure. It consists of a number of therapies that have as a fundamental purpose your comfort after surgery.

For us it is very important to provide security and trust with the personnel conducting th epost operatory treatment, which are involved almost from the immediate post-intervention time, in order to speed your recovery then you will be able to start your personal or professional activities and of course improve the aesthetic result of the operation.

We have the best specialists in aesthetic surgery with the support of innovative technology, sophisticated equipment, nutritional & anthropological coach to achieve the best results.

The postoperative therapies in general contribute to:

Improve the immune system and which acts directly on the central nervous system releasing endorphins, substances that generate relaxation and mitigation of pain.

  • Improved quality of life
  • It strengthens your confidence

Lipocare Physique count with a first basic package and one late post-operative package with a medical complementary protocols.

If you follow the recommendations of the medical team , if you are disciplined with post-operative care and adopt healthier habits you will optimize the results of the surgery longer term. The postoperative treatment after surgery, shall be carried out smoothly and without a hitch.

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