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ONEWORKOUT is an integral unit consisting of several divisions, where each one has a unique and common purpose: to achieve the total well-being of the patient.

ONEWORKOUT born in response to the current need to live a healthy life, the need to take good care of the body, to feel good, both internally and externally, making and optimize the quality of life.

ONEWORKOUT is divided into:

Its founder, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, a Colombian plastic surgeon, recognized worldwide as the creator of the most innovative liposuction techniques that exist today, sculptor of bodies combining art and science in his practice

The Division of Chateau Physique Antiage, the first hotel Anti-Aging in Colombia that has opened its doors offering a range of treatments with a single intention: to ensure that you get an optimal state of health through cellular improvement and optimization of the immune system.

The Divison of Medical Spa, which is based on the restoration and maintenance of beauty and health individually tailored to the needs of each patient.

The Division of Global StemCells Colombia, offering variety treatments through the Regenerative Medicine and the application of stem cells to treat different diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoarthritis, hormonal problems, among others.

Under the direction of a group of highly qualified medical specialists seek to provide you as a patient the different options that are available today using the latest advances in technology and treatments that share a single objective; meet your need and achieve the best results, not forgetting that to reach this should be a harmony between your body and your soul.


We are a unit shaped by a variety of integrated services seeking to meet the different needs that people have today where beauty, health and total well-being are their number one pillars.



“Thank OWO Medical Spa for your help and information, having been able to find a way to maintain an optimal balance in my life, I mean I feel more energy, vitality and this is part of the process of Anti-Aging in long term where our cells are more capable to detect, repair and replace the damage.”
“To have a healthy, flawless skin isn’t enough healthy food! A good cleaning and visit the best specialists was my decision, at Chateau Physique I found what I needed.”
“I had tried everything and did not know how to lose stomach, I had the opportunity to try reducing massage at Chateau Physique”… Great results!
“The procedure with the Cooltech machine is truly effective, driving the cold to destroy fat from certain parts of the body, in my case the roll, the fat that is typical to the sides.”
Simon Chel