From preventive care to nutrition and fitness, maintain a healthy body is a lifelong commitment. This is the best time to learn to make healthy choices.

Through our program you can further optimize your body and mind after your procedure or just because you have decided it is time to change certain habits that no longer achieve its purpose as weight loss or because you do not have the time for plastic surgery procedure and you are looking for other noninvasive options in a short-term results.


Noninvasive technology that works by heat and where two functions are combined:

  1. It stimulates the metabolism of fat cells, it stimulates the lymph and increases local blood circulation, allowing remove excess localized fat.
  2. It generates a deep heating in the dermis to effect retraction and rupture of fat cells reducing body measurements.



Noninvasive technology that uses an effective method to reduce unwanted subcutaneous fat using a controlled cooling system which eliminates the body fat cells naturally and progressively through the lymphatic system.

The COOTECH treatment reduces subcutaneous fat in certain areas of the body by controlled cooling technology. For this COOLTECH  use an adjustable applicator that acts cooling the fatty tissue and  producing the destruction of fat cells.



It acts on the connective tissue and help improve irrigation, lymphatic and venous drainage. The reduction process occurs because fatty acids accumulated toxins are released into the treated area.

Ayurvedic oil massage that strategically covers the spine and lymph nodes, starting at the neck and ending at the ankles to make it easier for fluids to flow freely throughout the body . Reducing massage are manipulations of located mass at the level of adipose tissues.

To be effective cellulite removal treatment, considering for example the degree of involvement of the same and the characteristics of the patient, it must attend at least four or five times, eat well, drink a lot of water and  keep a good exercises rutine  to start getting good results.

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